NeoNamaste – is the humble acknowledgment of the good that is in all people that is also part of the good in ourselves and that everyone is really all connected and part of each other and everything around us. Through NeoNamaste we recognize that life is a blessing that should be cherished and not squandered. That the greatest blessing that we can bestow on ourselves is through providing our service to all others.

NeoNamaste is dedicated to the improvement of all of human kind by helping to bring about the harmony of body, mind and spirit in each individual so that they can reach their highest potential. We believe that with dedication that we all can leave the world a better place with our charities and our service to others.

At NeoNamaste, we bring you the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration of some of the greatest thinkers and spiritual leaders of our time along with the teachings of ideas and inspiration that have been past down over the centuries.

We at NeoNamaste hope you enjoy the site and that it helps you in your life in some small way.

Thank you,

David W. Hodgson

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