Christian Meditation and Relaxation


Christian meditation & Relaxation provides a wonderful opportunity to renew your mind and make god the central authority in critical areas of your life. These meditation CDs will help you overcome negative thoughts and emotions that interfere with your ability to internalize God’s word and maintain peace of mind. If Christians cannot control the thoughts in their mind, how can they control the course of their life, “for as a man thinks, so ie he.” Your success in living a victorious Christian life depends upon who is winning the battle over our minds.

Each CD contains an overview to Christian Meditation, two or three guided meditation sessions, and a invitation for salvation. Volumes Two and Three will include meditative music to use for prayer or making your own personal meditations.

Volume One:

  • Taking Control of Your Thought Life
  • Morning Devotion helps to set the tone of your day and can be used as an introduction to daily devotions, prayer, or bible study.
  • Faith in God emphases trusting God for our success & prosperity.

Volume Two:

  • Overcoming Restlessness reestablishes Christ as our anchor and security when we feel something in missing in our lives.
  • Interceding for Loved One helps us to relinquish control of our loved ones and commit them to God’s care.

Volume Three:

  • Eliminating Stress and Toxic Emotions helps you find peace in the midst of crisis.
  • Time out encourages us to turn to Christ to fight our battles.

Format: CD


“Award-winning meditation series! Refreshing spiritual journey!

“Wanting more of God”

“Soothing to the nerves and mind”

“Great for unwinding”

“You need not go outside the Church for Meditation”


“This CD was truly refreshing & helped to calm my spirit”

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