Hamburgers and Bee Stings

There was a boy named Johnny that had an uncontrollable urge to eat hamburgers. Other boys knew about this urge and his inability to control himself and they would play tricks on him, often cruel.

One day, they got one of those styrophone hamburger containers from his favorite fast food restaurant and put bees in it and hung it from a tree. Johnny saw the container hanging from the tree and just had to have it. After all it was a free hamburger, the type that he just loved.

He knew that there had to be something wrong, but the other boys said that it contained a juicy hamburger, his favorite.

As he drew nearer he could hear the angry bees inside of the container, so he hesitated. He circled the container, just out of reach hanging from the tree, he knew that they were playing yet another cruel trick on him but the anticipation that it might contain a juicy hamburger was starting to overwhelm him.

After a short time he couldn’t stand it any more, he just had to have that hamburger. He picked up a stick and tried to knock that hamburger container out of the tree, hoping for the reward of a juicy hamburger.

He swung the stick several times at the hamburger container and finally hit hard enough to knock it down out of the tree. When it hit the ground the container flew open and out came the angry bees and started to sting him over and over again while he ran around trying to get away from them.

This story reminds me of how many people use credit cards. They see the thing that they must have, just out of reach of what they can afford right now, even though they know they should wait until they can afford what they want. They use their credit card like a stick to get it only to be stung by high interest rates. And then have to live for months with the welts of the payments they will need to make, sometimes long after the usefulness of the item.

Don’t be like Johnny, take control of your desires or they will control you.

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