The Secret – Is it nonsense?

I find it interesting that there is a resurgence of an almost occult following of what is referred to as the secret.

Basically, it is a philosophy almost religion that what you think will manifest itself to you. While it is true that for anything to happen, there first must come a thought or idea as a catalyst.

But, this is far from enough to cause a manifestation. You can think about something all you want and nothing will come of it. If ideas could change our lives then all of us would have the life that we want.

There are in fact three forces of energy that must be harnessed to create what we want and desire.

  1. This is the thought; desire and finally the will to make what we want manifest itself into our lives.
  2. The next force is words. You must form your thoughts into words. Describe in detail what it is you want, write it down, say it out-loud and say it often. This has many times the power that just the thought or desire/will has.
  3. The final step is action. This is where you get up off your butt and physically make changes that will bring about the manifestations that you want in your life.

When Thomas Edison was inventing the light bulb, first he conceived of the idea of using electricity to create light. He then drew up some plans on what it would take to create the first light bulb. Finally he physically started experimenting on every conceivable way that he could think of to accomplish his goal.

When what he tried failed, he took notes, thought of another way, wrote it down, and physically tried the new idea. He kept this up until he was successful.

This is the true secret. Energy is what you need to make things happen. Thoughts have some energy, words have even more energy and physically applying thoughts has the most energy, with these three forms of energy you can accomplish almost anything.

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