Train to Nowhere

I was riding on the train with my girlfriend Pat and I was thinking to myself, I don’t really don’t know where I am or where I’m going. It just seems like I ride the train and get off at different train stations just so I can have a cigarette and maybe get something to eat..

Just then the train pulled into a station and I said in a faint voice, “let’s get off.” I moved for the door and stepped out onto the platform. When I looked around I could see it was a large station. This one looked really nice, there were comfortable looking chairs and people sitting around reading books and food vendors along the corridors.

Pat pulled out two cigarettes and she lit hers with her lighter and then lit the second with the hot coals of the first and handed it to me even though I hadn’t even asked for one.

We then stopped at one of the venders and got a couple of snacks. I ate mine quickly, not even bothering to taste it, after all it really didn’t matter, after awhile they all seem so tasteless.

There was a bar at the end of the corridor, so we decided to go inside and look around. It wasn’t all that busy in the bar, but some of the people weren’t wearing any cloths. There were two women to right that were topless and a guy to the left that was completely nude.

The first thing I thought was, oh, this must be a clothing optional bar and dismissed the thought. At the bar was a bar tender who had a beard and had the look of a captain of a ship. I looked around and decided I really didn’t want a drink and headed to the side door.

As I was going through the doorway I saw it, out of the corner of my eye, two guys kissing. Yes the bar tender pulled the guy towards himself again and kissed him. As he did, he looked up and caught my eye as I was looking away.

He screams at me, “what are you… looking at.” Then he grins sarcastically and says “Yeah that’s right, I’d like to smear ice cream all over your body too and lick it off.” Still I said nothing, I could see the next train coming that I would get on no matter where it was going, because I knew for sure I didn’t want to be here.

It seems that life is that way. Most people are just riding through life with no destination in mind. Sometimes they stop at different stations in their life, look around but are not happy where they are, and instead of deciding where they want to go, they just get right back on that train with no destination in mind.

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